Whether by car, truck, or motorcycle, unwanted highway accidents happen. Some accidents are avoidable while others may be out of our control. However, it is still wiser to be aware of what are the most common causes of highway accidents so you can take the proper precaution to keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe.

You may be a safe driver and attentive behind the wheel, but sometimes it might be another driver who can wreck the day. It is important to be mindful of the factors that contribute to accidents in order to be better prepared out in the road. If you get injured, make sure to file an accident claim to ensure that you are protected even after your accident. No one wants to be in a car crash, but unfortunately accidents out in the road are becoming more common.

Here are the most common causes of accidents that happen while on the highway.

Driving Under the Influence. Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are one of the main causes of car accidents and arguably the most dangerous. When a driver decides to drive while intoxicated, he puts many lives around him in danger, including his own. Anyone who has taken drugs – whether prescription or not – or has had enough drinks to push them over their tolerance level should never try to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. Instead, take a taxi or have a designated driver.

Driving While Distracted. Whether eating a meal, talking to other passengers, or texting, distracted driving plays a big factor in accidents. Distracted driving is slowing becoming one of the main causes of car accidents. Drivers need to have their full attention on the road and constantly be aware of their surroundings. When possible, put away anything that may pose as a distraction or risk before starting your vehicle.

Driving While Tired. If you had an extremely long day at work or are yawning before you even start your journey home, perhaps it’s better to take a quick rest break before getting behind the wheel. Many people who decide to drive their vehicle while drowsy can end up nodding off at the wheel, causing increased potential harm to themselves and other drivers and passengers around them. When a driver experiences even a tiny lapse of attention from sleepiness, the danger of getting into an accident increases.

Young Drivers. Less experienced drivers – mostly teenage drivers – are another top cause of highway accidents. Younger drivers should take classes on defensive driving to teach them how to be a careful and safe driver when out on the road.

Sudden Lane Changes. Drivers who do not look over their shoulder before changing lanes can cause unwanted, and easily preventable accidents. Sudden lane changes can catch fellow drivers off-guard, making it necessary for them to react quickly and safely – but this might not always be possible. To prevent any rear-end collisions, side collisions, and other types of avoidable accidents, always look over your shoulder at your blind spot and check your surroundings when you are driving. Other drivers should also always be cautious of aggressive drivers and be ready to react safely when possible.

Speeding. When behind the wheel, it is crucial to pay attention to the speed limit signs posted. Down the road could be a sudden stop, an animal crossing the road, or even a hidden pothole – these sudden road surprises may disrupt your cruising and even lead to an accident. Even if the road is clear and you have a powerful car, obey the speed limit as they are posted for your safety and benefit.

Weather. Fog, rain, ice, and snow are all factors that make driving hazardous. Slippery road conditions and impatient drivers often turns into an unwanted accident waiting to happen. When mother nature sends a rather weather-filled day your way, take all the proper precautions necessary to prevent any crashes. This can include putting on snow chains, defrosting the windshield before driving, and using the proper headlights in the presence of rain and fog.
These factors are just a handful of the most common causes of vehicle accidents. There are many other factors out there that contribute to car, truck, and motorcycle accidents so it is important to always be cautious. Careful driving, being mindful of your surroundings, and defensive driving can go a long way when it comes to avoiding crashes. However, if do end up victim to a highway accident, contact a reputable personal injury attorney who will work alongside you throughout your case.

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